Thursday, December 18, 2008

Young Adult - Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4) by Stephenie Meyer
Bella finally makes the decision that will lead to the rest of her life, or existence. The wedding ceremony is the beginning of her new life as Mrs. Cullen, but she wants a little more time as human and she wants a few more human experiences. Edward always wants to make her happy so, he does as she asks and gives her a true honeymoon. While away on a remote island, they find ways to enjoy their time together. Complication arise as they always do and Bella feels ill. The outcome of all this not only effects Bella and Edward, but all the Cullens, Jacob, all his brothers and sister wolves as well as many, many others. This is suppose to be the final book of the Twilight Saga, so if you want a happy ending, it is only a heartbeat away.

Wow! I really like the happy ending, it was at times very predictable. The honeymoon was beautiful, it was nice to see Bellas confidence in what she wanted and her ability to relay those desires to Edward. Overprotective Edward thawed in the end to the abilities Bella found in herself. Jacob, dear Jacob was so much more the brother, the friend that Bella really needed and his devotion to the whole Cullen coven and friends was so wonderful to see. The ending was heartbreakingly beautiful in its simplicity. The knowledge that the love shared by the Cullens and the extended 'families' was the purest of gifts to each other and that through their mutual support they could see, feel, hear, deflect, or protect each of them as needed. The few minor problems I had, like the name ‘Renesmee’, simply faded from my mind at the unflinching, loving ending that will last forever.

Aug 19, 2008

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