Sunday, December 28, 2008

Childrens - Verdi

Verdi by Janell Cannon
Verdi is a young python, he is yellow with stripes and has no desire to grow up and grow green. He wants nothing but to jump, climb and keep moving around the jungle, never growing old, growing lazy and green. He wanted to keep his yellow skin and his stripes, but slowly the green started. All the while the older green snakes and other animals watched. They knew the feelings that Verdi was having, they remembered, so they tried to tell him stories to sooth him. Then, after he really had turned to green, and was enjoying watching the jungle, two young, yellow snakes came to him and he had the chance to leap and laugh again, remembering his younger days.

Every animal has its way of growing up and growing wiser, even snakes. This is a great book with lots of large wonderful pictures for the smaller kids and a great story for kids of all ages. The young Verdi is full of life and determination while the older he gets, he learns he doesn't have to loose that life just because he is getting older and greener. This is a fun book for anyone who likes snakes.

The last pages are snake facts that are also very informative and remind us that just because they can sometimes scare us, snakes are an important part of our world and that most are more helpful than harmful.

Oct 26, 2008

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