Saturday, December 20, 2008

Book - The Sugar Queen

The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen
After spending her whole life being the doting daughter, Josey knew she had to make up for her childhood, she wanted something for herself, mainly the mail man Adam, but didn‘t think that would ever happen. Waking up to find Della Lee in her closet changed more than just her eating habits (Josey had a secret stash of candy in the double size closet), it changed how she remembered her father, her relationship with her mother and the whole town. Della Lee had a way about her, she brought together Chloe and Josey at just the right time, they both needed a friend to lean on, they both had their secrets and they both had interesting relationships with the men they loved.

Beautiful, touching and very enjoyable. This was a great story, actually about 3 couples finding their way together, or back together with the help of an interesting character. I didn’t put it together for more than half of the book, I am shocked (in a good way) to be a little surprised by the twist. These characters are (in my opinion) so well told, the tension between Adam and Josey in the snow gave me tingles, then Margaret’s confession made me tear up, and Helena’s ranting made me laugh, the whole time Josey held on to the since of duty for her mother, I just wanted to yell. Those kinds of emotions only come out for a well written character.

This book should in no way be compared to Sarah Addison Allen’s other book (Garden Spells). She is a wonderful writer that can pen two great books that are not a cookie cutter version of the other, I am hoping she takes on another project soon.

Oct 7, 2008

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