Thursday, December 18, 2008

Book - Rogue's Return

The Rogue's Return (Most Unsuitable Men Trilogy, Book 3) (Harlequin Historicals #376)… by Margaret Moore
England 1868; Being the second son of the fifth Duke of Barroughby, Lord Elliot Fitzwalter was a known rogue (Oxford American Dictionary: rogue; a dishonest or unprincipled person), especially after his half brother stopped covering for him. Running from his problems had been his way all along, a gamble gone wrong was no exception. When a tree got the better of him, Grace Barton found him passed out drunk and now horseless on the side of the road in the rain. Risking her and her sisters reputation, they allowed this stranger to stay, and recover all the while trying to figure out how to deal with problems of their own. Grace was amazing to watch, like his own brother, she was protective and controlling and for the first time in Elliots life, her realized that those traits could also mean love. Had his brother Adrian done all out of care and concern? The realization struck him, as did the fact that in front of him may be a way to make up for some of the horrible things he had done in the past. Could he ever make up for enough to be equal to this farm girl who single handedly saved him from more than just death in that muddy road?

A typical bad boy turn good by the care of the right women. Most of the story is told as what they are each thinking and feeling, but not saying and doing. An emotional look at the contrast of siblings and they way that actions and words can be interpreted. Emotional twists Margaret Moore does so well, a very enjoyable series, best if read in order because of the connection to brother Adrian and Hester from ’The Dark Duke’, this is an older Harlequin Historical (1997) that I dug out to re-read.

Sep 9, 2008

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