Sunday, December 28, 2008

Young Adult - Nine Days a Queen

Nine Days a Queen: The Short Life and Reign of Lady Jane Grey… by Ann Rinaldi
Cousin to the child King, Lady Jane Grey at a young age decided she would never want to be Queen. Watching her friends, her cousins, playing with them, she always knew she was fourth in line for the crown, but even with King Edward sick and dying she always thought Princess Mary would take the throne. Amazed to discover herself 15 years old, and left without anyone she could truly trust, her parents married her to Guildford Dudley and then thrust her on the throne and declared, after King Edwards death, Jane the Queen. Queen Jane had no idea what had happened to Princess Mary and why she was now the queen instead. Mary wanted to be queen, she fought for it and she finally claimed the throne nine days after Jane had been declared queen. Jane now found herself as well as her husband, Guildford, and his family all locked in the towers for treason. Lady Jane kept hope that Queen Mary would realize that she was yet a child, a pawn, and hopefully still her friend, she knew she would be pardoned.

Based in a terrible but true story about England’s royal show of force and deceptions. Historically fairly accurate for a fictional book, sometimes it is easier to learn history with a little story embellishments. This tragic story of a 15 year old who was forced to be Queen is a difficult story to believe and hard enough for scholars to follow all the plots, at times I felt this book had too much information that was not necessary for a young adult fiction, other times I felt there was some details missing that might have helped explain things a bit better. The ending was dramatically written, with the authors notes to complete the story. The addition of the references is great for anyone who has need to check facts of this story.

Nov 19, 2008

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