Sunday, December 28, 2008

Young Adult - Lightning Key

The Lightning Key: The Wednesday Tales No. 3 (Wednesday Tales)… by Jon Berkeley
Finding Tangerine (the orange teddy bear) torn open and the Tiger’s Egg stolen, Miles Wednesday had a goal of finding the Egg, learning how to use it and then finally finding a way to get his father back into his life. The adventure begins with the help of his Song Angel friend Little, they are joined by a blind explorer, Baltinglass of Araby. The discovery that the Great Cortado and Doctor Tau-Tau are working together to keep the egg away from Miles and to learn the secrets of controlling the egg’s power makes Miles even more determined to find the information first. Miles quick mind makes plans on the spot, Baltinglass has a reason for all the crazy things he does and Little has a great heart and ability to encourage Miles in just the right way that together they may be able to solve the riddles that will release the power of the Tiger’s Egg.

Book 3 of The Wednesday Tales….. Attention grabber from the first chapter, this is a fantastic fantasy. This story has been tagged for kids 8-12, the writing fits in that age group, except for some of the names of people and places (use your imagination to get the pronunciation). I really liked the start of each chapter with its adjective-packed and object-described first sentence that helped you remember what was happening or where they were. I read this as a stand alone, but I think some of it would have made sense sooner if I had read the previous books (Palace of Laugher & Tiger’s Egg). This book will be great for kids who like fantasy, with its great characters, and descriptions of the Realm, the tiger, the airship and each time they are confronted with Cortado and Tau-Tau. I think I will start the kids with the first of the series, but this is a great early review book, I received from HarperCollins Childrens. This books scheduled release is: 1/27/09.

Nov 23, 2008

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