Friday, December 19, 2008

Book - Hidden Heart

The Hidden Heart (Harlequin Historicals # 484)… by Sharon Schulze
Welsh Marches (border areas between Wales and England), 1213 Four years ago Lady Gillian de l'Eau Clair was in love and happy until that love Rannulf FitzClifford left and never returned for her. Showing up now that her father had died, with Lord Nicholas Talbot the man appointed as her guardian, and asking her and her people to act s though they do not know him, leaves too many questions that will not be ignored long. Rannulf knew he was taking a chance coming back after so many years but he had to find out just how close Talbot was to King John and this was the only way, so he would do his best to stay away from his one true love and hope that she would at least honor his request for secrecy. That was not to be, even though Gillian had discovered the betrothal contract with Rannulfs harsh refusal written on it, she still felt too much love for him to keep it hidden for long.

Little bit different start to the story, we don’t get to watch them fall in love, we get to watch as they rediscover their love for each other and discover what had happened four years ago to make Rannulf leave so happy and ready for marriage only to be cruel in his refusal of that offer of marriage by Gillians father. The characters are great, you get to meet several people that play a small part in this book, but will be very important in others. This is a series of books (7 books I think) and while this was not the first one written, this is the earliest setting, the best part about a large series like this is how well you get to know some of the characters if you read all and in order. The emotional investment, to see some of them change and grow over the coarse of the series. This is an older Harlequin Historical book (1999), I have dug it as well as the rest of the series out to re-read.

Sep 13, 2008

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