Thursday, December 18, 2008

Book - Darkest Kiss

The Darkest Kiss (Lords of the Underworld, Book 2)… by Gena Showalter
Finding the ancient relics should be the only thing on Lucien’s mind, but Anya the ‘Minor’ Goddess of Anarchy would not let him or his demon Death think straight. Ever since he had first smelled her while she helped his friends Maddox and Ashlyn break one of the Gods terrible curses, Lucien could always tell if she was around. Anya was powerful enough to be able to be invisible, ’flash’ from point to point and she held a key that allowed her to get out of anything. When Lucien had been ordered by the Gods to take Anya’s life, he knew he could not and was hoping he could find some way to deal, make a trade with the Gods to keep her alive and with him. Though he had told Anya about his orders, she could not seem to stay away. Almost baiting him to strike her down, she began to toy with him and his demon, whether to anger or arouse Anya was a torment that Lucien and Death wanted to have around.
I had a difficult time with this one, I adore Lucien and Death, the control and understanding that they seem to share is a wonderful combination. The character had been in the first book, so I had already enjoyed them. Anya, was an annoying little brat that got on my nerves. She was not my favorite character of this book. I felt Lucien deserved so much better, how about that, a demon deserves better than a goddess. The best part was near the end when she was finally honest with Lucien about her curse. The extra tidbits about the rest of the warriors and their demons are few and far between, I missed Maddox, Keeper of Violence. The bits about Reyes, Keeper of Pain were good but since I believe the 3rd book is about him and Danika, the information probably could have waited. I am eager to see how Paris, Keeper of Promiscuity is handled in the next book considering what all happened to him at the hands of the Hunter. And the same for poor Aeron, Keeper of Wrath. I felt a lot of these warriors and demons should have played more of a part, I missed them and hope to find them again in the next book.
Sep 4, 2008

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