Sunday, December 28, 2008

Book - Dark Prince

Dark Prince (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 1)… by Christine Feehan
After chasing some of the monsters that live, psychic Raven Whitney decided a vacation to someplace secluded was in order. Wanting to forget and get over the horrors in her mind, she tried to block others thoughts and feelings until a heartbroken mans feelings broke through to her and she had to respond to him, giving him comfort and finding he had a psychic ability of his own, only stronger. All of the Carpathians had psychic abilities, but Mikhail Dubrinsky was surprised that a human women was the one that heard his sorrow and despair in the night. She was strong and compassionate and he needed to see and hear more from her. Ravens presence in Mikhails life had saved him, been the light to his darkness and in turn had saved his people from Mikhail himself, he wanted to protect and be with her, he just hoped that Ravens compassion was enough to accept what he really was, the monsters that she had chased in the past not may be the only monsters in her life and thoughts. If Raven could accept him and his people, would she be the savior, the light that they had been waiting centuries for?

Strong characters, I can see why this is such a large series. I enjoyed meeting the Prince first, Mikhail is a strong and commanding presence that leaves Raven feeling safe and loved. The strength of compassion and understanding in Raven is even more impressive, as a character that starts in the dark (no pun intended) it is easy to follow her progress into acceptance. It is almost natural even if Mikhail had not bound them together, Raven would have stayed. The family of the Carpathians are rich with great characters, Jacques, Gregori, Byron and Aidan all have such darkness, and need to find their light also.

Oct 26, 2008

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