Sunday, December 28, 2008

Book - Dark Gold

Dark Gold (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 3)… by Christine Feehan
An important job interview for Alexandria Houton ended in a nightmare. Witnessing a vampires destruction and then being taken by him along with her younger brother Joshua, Alex had no idea what this monster wanted with her. The appearance of Aidan Savage did not make her feel any better. He seemed to be the same kind of monster and his treatment of her wasn’t much better. They had both done awful things to her that made her feel pain, but Aidan had taken her and her brother to his house and seemed to be caring for her. All Aidan had know for centuries was his loneliness, his dark existence, but as he went to finish off the monsters he realized that the women gave him color. Could this be his lifemate? Realizing too late, he knew that the vampire had already started the change in her and he needed to finish the change, with his own blood. As with all Carpathians, the first priority was to keep his lifemate safe, and in this case, her brother too. Alex thought she had a to be caught in the nightmare still, the things this beautiful man said to her, it could not be true. She still wanted to be human even if she was starting to believe it wasn’t true.

Book 3 - Another example of this addictive series. Alex's sarcasm and defiance was fun to watch, but Aidans frustrations over her was more fun. After meeting Aidan (Dark Desire) it was nice to see his interaction with his human family and the way he took to Josh. Alex made a rather quick change from disbelief to acceptance and seeming to understanding everything. Didn’t talk about Alex’s psychic abilities much, but I enjoyed to contrast between Carpathian and vampire as well as the chance to see Gregori again, so much more information about that ancient, I am excited his story is coming.

Nov 15, 2008

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