Sunday, December 28, 2008

Book - Catch of the Day

Catch Of The Day by Kristan Higgins
Being not so secretly in love with a priest for a year makes it difficult to find a date. Living in the same small town (Gideon’s Cove, Maine) as you grew up in and owning the only diner in town, makes it so Maggie Beaumont knows everybody that lives there and they all know her. All of her most humiliating moments have been shared with the whole town. Her twin sister Christy has the perfect family and that is all Maggie really wants for herself too. Father Tim knew of Maggie’s crush on him and so he tried to set her up on blind dates to help her move past it. She willing went on several dates, until she started seeing the silent and slightly scary lobsterman known only by his last name, Malone. He had lived in Gideon’s Cove since high school so he knew a lot of the same people that Maggie did. Malone preferred to be the quiet one, he didn’t like to share himself, his life or his past and when the energetic talkative diner owner started coming around, he was faced with parts of himself that he never bothered to look at before.

This is a story that can touch your heart in more than one way. The relationship between the twins and their little brother (Jonah), it’s fun to see the bickering and name calling that comes from familial love. The different types of friendships available to a single women in a small town. The greatest relationship of all is the one with her best friend, Colonel her beloved dog. I am not used to reading stories written in the first person, this was fun to go through the stories of her memory to see all of her most embarrassing moments and to go through her reasoning’s for all of her thoughts and actions. A bit predictable, but overall a really enjoyable lazy day read. But, if you like dogs and you like Colonel, even a little, you will need a Kleenex, or three.

Nov 5, 2008

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