Sunday, December 28, 2008

Book - Any Given Doomsday

Any Given Doomsday (The Phoenix Chronicles) by Lori Handeland
Ex-cop and psychic Elizabeth Phoenix lost one of the most important person in her life, finding that Ruthie hadn't left her completely turned out to be a mixed blessing. While Ruthie came to her in her dreams to explain some things, Elizabeth had trouble dealing with the other parts of her new reality. Her new talents and gifts were hard enough to live with but now she had to rely on Jimmy (her ex who broke her heart) and Sawyer (the ‘Medicine Man’ who had helped her with her psychic ability). The additional information that that the Myths about the fallen angels turns out to be true and that the death of Ruthie could cause the ‘Doomsday’ to come to pass unless she can learn how to stop it, leaves Elizabeth stumbling from New Mexico to New York trying to figure out what the right thing is and how to do it.

This book has such mixed reviews, I had to find out for myself why. I understand now, I have mixed feelings about this book myself. I really enjoy the concept of good against evil, even the death of Ruthie and her being a seer, vampires, skin walkers, dream walkers and even the ability to take on the same powers as others. That is where I see the problem, it is the excuse for one character to have sex, with everyone. A little disappointing to have a simple twist be the reason for the mixed feelings (I think this is the reason), the concept is good but I am not sure if it is enough for me to look for the next installment (Doomsday Can Wait - May 2009) This was an Advanced Readers Copy, due out in November 2008

Oct 23, 2008

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