Thursday, December 18, 2008

Book - Badlands Legend

Badlands Legend (Badlands) (Harlequin Historical #628)… by Ruth Langan
Set in the year 1887. Everyone finds their own way to deal with tragedy and heartache even if it is immoral or against the law. After being told that he could not marry the woman he loved, and her not wanting to run away with him, Yale Conover found his own way. As a gambler, Yale was always on top and known for his generosity and love of the game. He found himself in a position to know that a band of outlaws were planning to take over a ranch as their hideout, the moral side of Yale took action to save the widow and her children. Cara McKinnon was just as in love with Yale as he was with her, but she didn’t feel she could go against her fathers wishes. It broke her heart to watch Yale walk away from her. How could she have know that fate would bring them together again and in a most unusual way. On the run from the most feared band of outlaws, Yale had only one goal, to ensure the survival of the women he had loved all his life and her sons.

The main story of this book is very normal, lost love found again. The question is, can they survive long enough to test that love. While the ’adult’ story is gentle and easy as it unfolds their true feelings for one another, the best part of the book is the playful fun way that Yale interacts with Caras young boys. Yale understands their needs more than Cara and is able to give and help them. Laugh out loud antics of the boys makes for a light and easy feel, even though this book has several gunfights. Overall, this is a good book, it is the second in the Badlands series by Ruth Langan and does repeat a bit in the Prologue of the previous book, a good starting point that allows a different perspective to the earliest events of three kids, the Conover’s and their journey to their new home in the Badlands of the Dakota Territory.

Aug 30, 2008

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