Thursday, December 18, 2008

Book - Badlands Heart

Badlands Heart (Badlands)(Harlequin Historical #636)… by Ruth Langan
Set in 1888, Dakota Territory. Chasing down wild Mustangs is something that Kitty Conover had become very good at. She was tracking one of the biggest herd she had ever seen when a gunshot rang through the valley. She decided to find out who was hiding instead of chasing the herd or the fleeing gunmen. Not hiding, Bo Chandler was in too much pain from the shot he had taken in the back. He had no idea who had shot him, he was watching the wonderful herd of wild Mustangs run. Waking up to an angels face, Kitty had saved his life and in return, he ended up saving her too. Helping at the cabin, Bo found he had a knack with the wild Mustangs that Kitty loved, he also found a place for himself in the town of Misery, but the men who shot him could come back and destroy all of the beauty and peace that he had found.

Different type of story line than I am use to, delightfully unexpected. No pretense, no deception, no hidden anything, just a story about a chance meeting and the attraction of strong willed people that never thought they would find anything like each other. The suspicion of Kitty's big brothers (the Sheriff Gabe and Yale) are expected and the ease that the character of Bo has with everything makes for a happy, feel good story from start to end. Mostly about feelings, not much in the way of action except Bo being shot at.

Sep 1, 2008

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