Thursday, December 18, 2008

Childrens - Babar the King

Babar the King (Babar Books (Random House)) by Jean De Brunhoff
Babar the King of the Elephants decides to create a city by a river. The city is built, the elephants are all given their jobs and after the jobs are done, they get to play different games. Everyone is happy till the Old Lady gets bit by a snake and Cornelius' house burns down. King Babar is worried till he dreams give his the answers. The moral of the story is that everyone has misfortunes from time to time, but if you are not discouraged, and work hard, you can be happy.

Great moral to get at, the fact that the elephants made a beautiful city is fun and showing all of them with jobs before play time is also good. The names of the elephants were a tongue twister and some times the wording was confusing even to me. The description of some of the activities were not easily understood by my children and so the story could not flow (because we had to stop to discuss it). My oldest did enjoy the list of names and their jobs, but that was because I had trouble saying all of the names without 'blah blah'.

Aug 14, 2008

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