Thursday, December 18, 2008

Childrens - Babar and His Children

Babar and His Children (Babar Books (Random House))… by Jean De Brunhoff
Babar and his queen Celeste are having a baby, turns out to be three. Pom, Flora and Alexander are growing. Flora swallows a rattle, luckily Zephir gets the rattle out to save her. Arthur, the big brother, lets go of the carriage and Alexander almost flies into a deep ravine, luckily the squirrels and the giraffe saves him. Then Alexander almost floats into a crocodile, luckily Babar saves him. The babies snug in bed and Babar and Celeste have time to think how lucky they are that everyone is fine.
Cute story but there is several times that it gets confusing. They used a different word to describe the baby carriage, they made a reference to a rabbit we knew nothing about, the squirrels seemed to enjoy ticking little Alexander and the ducks would only help retrieve the crown and hat, not the baby elephant out of the middle of the lake. Overall a cute story but the flow of the storyline was broken by some of these petty things.
Aug 17, 2008

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