Saturday, November 8, 2008

Book - Target

The Target (FBI Series - book 3) by Catherine Coulter
Federal Judge Ramsey Hunt needed time away, his time in a cabin in the Rockie Mountains was anything but relaxing. After finding a little girl in the woods that had obviously been abused, men show up shooting at them and then the childs mom finally shows up accusing him of kidnapping. Molly Santera had been all over Colorado looking for her precious Emma and after finding her safe with Judge Hunt, the nightmares begin.

This was not much in the way of a romance, it was very easy to fall for the little girl who had been through so much. The action of the book was spaced out, nothing real exciting, just a basic crime thriller. A few unexpected twists in the plot, but mostly very predictale. Happy ending, I would be interested in seeing the Judge in a later book. Overall just a basic read to get your mind of normal everyday boredom, and make yourself feel lucky you don't have a 'godfather' in the family.

Jul 19, 2008

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