Saturday, November 8, 2008

Book - Riptide

Riptide (FBI Series - book 5) by Catherine Coulter
Rebecca Matlock new she had to get away so she went to a little out of the way town called Riptide. No matter how many times she told the police that someone was after her, they just wouldn't believe her. There seemed to be only one, Adam Carruthers, that not only knew she was telling the truth, but knew why. Is Adam and his men smart enough to figure out who it is before it is too late.

On the back cover of this book, Catherine Coulter challenges you to figure out the puzzle, I have to admit, I figured some but not all of this one out. This is an excellent mystery/thriller but I wasn't as impressed with the charecters as I normally am with her FBI series. While Savich and Sherlock were there, I was disappointed with the interaction between the main characters. It was humorous at times but the chemistry was lacking something, I liked them both but there was just something missing. Still a great book, had trouble putting it down.

Jul 22, 2008

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