Saturday, November 8, 2008

Book - Darker Than Midnight

Darker Than Midnight (Mordecai Young Series, Book 3)… by Maggie Shayne
Lieutenant Jackson "Jax" has always been self reliant and one tough lady, but in her newest job, she might need more help than she even thinks. "River" Corbett is a decorated ex-cop who happens to be in a mental institution for the murder of his wife, but after a series of events sends him out the door in a dead orderlies uniform, he tries not to need the help of any stranger, little lone a cops. Together they are trying to unravel the events that sent River over the edge.

This being the third book of the Mordecai Young series, it was very enjoyable to start the book knowing most of the charecters. To see the struggles that Dawn has in the realization that some of her fathers "gift" now seemed to be part of her. The relationship of Jax's parents and her are a very good explanation of her personality, the independence, the sassiness of her. Her no holds barred way of looking at life and taking care of things is so much fun to watch. The relationship that builds between River and Jax is one of tension, mistrust and gut intstincts. Very fun interaction between the two of them.

Jun 28, 2008

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