Saturday, November 8, 2008

Book - Charlemagne Pursuit

The Charlemagne Pursuit: A Novel by Steve Berry
Cotton Malone never knew what really happened to his father nearly forty years ago. He knew from the Navy’s account, that his fathers submarine had been lost, but there had always been something about that record that hadn’t been enough for Cotton. After spending his life in service, he finally asked for the classified report on the USS Blazek hoping to finally find the answer of where his father was and what he had died for. The file had barely been passed to him when trouble started. The list of characters started, Dorthea Lindauer and Christl Falk are sisters on a mission for there mother Isabel Oberhouser who seems to be pitting the girls against each other in their quest to find what had happened to their father on the same submarine as Forrest Malone. The Oberhouser family has the knowledge of why the submarine was where it was, and possibly the only ones that can find the location of the submarine. Back in Washington DC, two of the white house staffers, Edwin Davis, and Diane McCoy are involved in different ways while Cotton Malone’s ex-boss Stephanie Nelle is recruited to join in. The relationship between current Naval Admiral Langford Ramsey, and the missing submarine is something of great interest even to the president of the United States.

There is a lot of characters in this 503 page book, while at first it is difficult to see why some of them are involved, Steve Berry quickly makes the connections. Every person has a reason for being there. This is a non-stop thrilling adventure that takes you from ancient history, Nazis in 1938, US Navy in 1971 to current. Learning history has never been so much fun, with the twists of the fiction and the integration of true history, fun and exciting. The description of each of the locations is so good, you can see it as if you have been there yourself. The few diagrams that have been included are a great way to verify that you are envisioning everything the same way Steve Berry has. Wonderfully written, only a few references to his previous books, nothing that takes anything away from this book, nothing that has to be know to follow this book. Definitely something that I will be re-reading and now I am going to look at his other books too. I am not really happy with the ending but I guess it does set it up for another Cotton Malone adventures.

Aug 11, 2008

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