Saturday, November 8, 2008

Book - Blowout

Blowout (FBI Series - book 9) by Catherine Coulter
The murder of a Supreme Court Justice brings Savich and Sherlock home quick from a vacation that had turned strange with the appearence of a 'ghost' that asked Savich for help. The Justices' stepdaughter, Callie Markham, an Investigative reporter from 'The Washington Post' asks to be a involved with the investigation. Being the stepdaughter, she is paired with Metro Police Detective Ben Raven. Within 24 hours, another murder and then a few days later, another murder all with the same MO. They think they know who, but the why is the biggest mystery.
The ghost side story is very different, but it is an interesting addition. The typical way of Savich and Sherlock let others do a lot and they come to help, not true in this one, they are front and center more so than Callie and Ben. I felt a little cheated not getting to know them as well as most of the past characters. I was also sad to see Sherlock be so wrong about someone, she was duped and that is not her normal.
Aug 1, 2008

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