Saturday, November 8, 2008

Book - Beach House

The Beach House by James Patterson
The death of Montauks own Peter Mullen at Barry Neubauers Hampton beach house party sparks a year of mystery, and the search for justice. The death had been ruled a suicide/accident, but brother Jack, a law student and grandpa Macklin, a paralegal, headed a search with a group of Montauk friends to find the truth. The search takes them through corrupt lawyers, police, medical examiners, and judges, all bought and paid for. After many of the friends have had death threats, a few of them 'accidents' and almost all of them had unemployment, can this group of friends find the truth, can there be justice, or will they go to far.

This is a fast paced intense thriller with lots of twists and turns, many surprises. Enjoyed the characters and the excellent descriptions. Very interesting ending however. The answers are there, the whys and whos, I did enjoy the ending, I recommend this book, the mystery is solved, the suspense is there, and it is a thrilling adventure.

Aug 8, 2008

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