Saturday, November 8, 2008

Book - Charlemagne Pursuit

The Charlemagne Pursuit: A Novel by Steve Berry
Cotton Malone never knew what really happened to his father nearly forty years ago. He knew from the Navy’s account, that his fathers submarine had been lost, but there had always been something about that record that hadn’t been enough for Cotton. After spending his life in service, he finally asked for the classified report on the USS Blazek hoping to finally find the answer of where his father was and what he had died for. The file had barely been passed to him when trouble started. The list of characters started, Dorthea Lindauer and Christl Falk are sisters on a mission for there mother Isabel Oberhouser who seems to be pitting the girls against each other in their quest to find what had happened to their father on the same submarine as Forrest Malone. The Oberhouser family has the knowledge of why the submarine was where it was, and possibly the only ones that can find the location of the submarine. Back in Washington DC, two of the white house staffers, Edwin Davis, and Diane McCoy are involved in different ways while Cotton Malone’s ex-boss Stephanie Nelle is recruited to join in. The relationship between current Naval Admiral Langford Ramsey, and the missing submarine is something of great interest even to the president of the United States.

There is a lot of characters in this 503 page book, while at first it is difficult to see why some of them are involved, Steve Berry quickly makes the connections. Every person has a reason for being there. This is a non-stop thrilling adventure that takes you from ancient history, Nazis in 1938, US Navy in 1971 to current. Learning history has never been so much fun, with the twists of the fiction and the integration of true history, fun and exciting. The description of each of the locations is so good, you can see it as if you have been there yourself. The few diagrams that have been included are a great way to verify that you are envisioning everything the same way Steve Berry has. Wonderfully written, only a few references to his previous books, nothing that takes anything away from this book, nothing that has to be know to follow this book. Definitely something that I will be re-reading and now I am going to look at his other books too. I am not really happy with the ending but I guess it does set it up for another Cotton Malone adventures.

Aug 11, 2008

Book - Beach House

The Beach House by James Patterson
The death of Montauks own Peter Mullen at Barry Neubauers Hampton beach house party sparks a year of mystery, and the search for justice. The death had been ruled a suicide/accident, but brother Jack, a law student and grandpa Macklin, a paralegal, headed a search with a group of Montauk friends to find the truth. The search takes them through corrupt lawyers, police, medical examiners, and judges, all bought and paid for. After many of the friends have had death threats, a few of them 'accidents' and almost all of them had unemployment, can this group of friends find the truth, can there be justice, or will they go to far.

This is a fast paced intense thriller with lots of twists and turns, many surprises. Enjoyed the characters and the excellent descriptions. Very interesting ending however. The answers are there, the whys and whos, I did enjoy the ending, I recommend this book, the mystery is solved, the suspense is there, and it is a thrilling adventure.

Aug 8, 2008

Book - Point Blank

Point Blank (FBI Thriller - book 10) by Catherine Coulter
Finding buried treasure sounded like a fun vacation for Special Agent Ruth Warnecki, but after finding the tunnel, she ran into some problems and then lost her memory for a bit. Luckily the local Sheriff, Dixon Noble, took his dog for a walk and found her in the snow. Savich and Sherlock were quickly deciding that they wish they had gone on vacation too. A new bad guy was in the area and he targeted Dillon Savich and anyone he knew. They needed to find the connection to him, while Ruth and Dix tryed to connect theirs to the local music school. The close calls where following Savich, Sherlock, Warnecki and Noble as they tried to sort out both of these investigations.

Another good set of mysteries to solve for Savich and Sherlock. I am not sure how I feel about their 'fight'. This time around, Savich was not his normal self, the confidence and strength seemed to be lacking and he let Sherlock and Ruth down (in my opinion). His normal grace and style was shaken. The part of Sheriff Dix Noble was really good, but there was something missing there also, he had too many doubts about himself.

Aug 6, 2008

Book - High Noon

High Noon by Nora Roberts
Hostage negotiator Lieutenant Phoebe MacNamara knew at a young age what she was good at, she had seen it from the hostage point of view. Years of dedication put her on the top, and to some, a women should not be in that positon. The personal attack she found herself in made her consider all of the people in her life, her new guy Duncan Swift, she had met him just after talking one of his former employees off the ledge, her agoraphobic mother, who had refused to leave the house even though that long ago monster had been dealt with, and her daughter, that lovely seven year old. Phoebe has the strength of will, but will she find the right tactic before everything she has ever wanted is taken from her?

This story is really good, it has a lot of twists, some of them expected and some of them just great. I always enjoy Nora Roberts as a romance writer, she has added a lot of the thriller/suspense to this book that was fabulous to see mixed in. I think I fell in love with Duncan and his easy way of making everyone around him so relaxed and safe at the same time even though he really didn't do anything, Phoebe was the hero over and over again. I wanted to see Meeks say something to her in the end.

Aug 3, 2008

Book - Blowout

Blowout (FBI Series - book 9) by Catherine Coulter
The murder of a Supreme Court Justice brings Savich and Sherlock home quick from a vacation that had turned strange with the appearence of a 'ghost' that asked Savich for help. The Justices' stepdaughter, Callie Markham, an Investigative reporter from 'The Washington Post' asks to be a involved with the investigation. Being the stepdaughter, she is paired with Metro Police Detective Ben Raven. Within 24 hours, another murder and then a few days later, another murder all with the same MO. They think they know who, but the why is the biggest mystery.
The ghost side story is very different, but it is an interesting addition. The typical way of Savich and Sherlock let others do a lot and they come to help, not true in this one, they are front and center more so than Callie and Ben. I felt a little cheated not getting to know them as well as most of the past characters. I was also sad to see Sherlock be so wrong about someone, she was duped and that is not her normal.
Aug 1, 2008

Book - Blind Side

Blind Side (FBI Series - book 8) by Catherine Coulter
Six year old Sam ran out of the forest in the pouring rain and changed Sheriff Katie Benedicts life forever. Getting him dried off and his father, Miles Kettering, called, the Sheriff found out that he had been kidnapped. Brave Sam had saved himself and with the help of Sheriff Benedict and her daughter, he got warm and they settled to wait for his dad. Miles was flying out to get his son with long time friend Dillon Savich and got to the sheriffs house in time to see that it was not over yet.

This story is about kid strength, I am not sure if anyone that young would really react that well. The story also incorporated a lot of bits from previous book. If you have not read the series, you may not follow all of the 'inside jokes', or know the other people involved. Since I have read the series, in order now, I have to say that seeing some of the same characters over again is fun. This book showed Savich get hurt and little Sean be threatened and their reaction to it. Wonderful characters, thank you Catherine Coulter.

Jul 29, 2008

Book - Eleventh Hour

Eleventh Hour (FBI Series - book 7) by Catherine Coulter
The murder of Father Michael Joseph was hard on everyone, especially his twin brother, Dane Carver, who is an FBI Special Agent in the CAU (Criminal Apprehension Unit) that is run by Dillon Savich. Dane is determined to find the person who killed his brother and the only witness they have is a homeless women, Nick Jones, that happened to be in the church shadows. After spending just a short time with Nick, Dane realizes that she is not any normal homeless person, but can’t get her to trust him with the truth.

Catherine Coulters character creation is great again, Dane and Nick both have so much to them. This fast paced thriller is full of so many twists and turns, it made you wonder what the ending would really hold. I kept guessing and then changing my mind, I really should have never doubted myself so much. The bond that Dane and Nick created and the way that the story just slowly put them together was almost natural.

Jul 28, 2008

Book - Fatal Voyage

Fatal Voyage by Kathy Reichs
During recovery efforts after a terrible plane crash in the North Carolina mountains, Tempe Brennan rescues a foot from a pack of coyotes. She is always a stickler for the rules, but when she is accused, by some, of improperly handling remains, she has more than one mystery to solve. The foot doesn't seem to match any of the passangers on the plane and who could possible making waves about her professionalism. If not for the plane crash would the foot ever have been found, or anything else? Tempe is always digging till she knows the answer, even if it costs her.

This is an intersting twist on 'the right place, the right time' theory. This story seemed to flow really well, it was fast paced and Tempes humor is great with her sarcasim and way of stating the obvious that makes you want to laugh out loud or at least hoot a bit.

Jul 26, 2008

Book - Hemlock Bay

Hemlock Bay (FBI Series - book 6) by Catherine Coulter
Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock have been involved in a lot of stange cases, but this time around, there is something more, can he really believe his own eyes. On the other coast, Savichs little sister Lily needs help, but when a complication in the case arises, he calls in college buddy Simon Russo who is an art expert.

Two stories running side by side until the end. Both Dillon and Lily seem to have thier own demons to do battle with. I really enjoyed seeing such deep emotion from Dillon Savich. The character interaction is great as usual with Catherine Coulters FBI series.
Jul 26, 2008

Book - Riptide

Riptide (FBI Series - book 5) by Catherine Coulter
Rebecca Matlock new she had to get away so she went to a little out of the way town called Riptide. No matter how many times she told the police that someone was after her, they just wouldn't believe her. There seemed to be only one, Adam Carruthers, that not only knew she was telling the truth, but knew why. Is Adam and his men smart enough to figure out who it is before it is too late.

On the back cover of this book, Catherine Coulter challenges you to figure out the puzzle, I have to admit, I figured some but not all of this one out. This is an excellent mystery/thriller but I wasn't as impressed with the charecters as I normally am with her FBI series. While Savich and Sherlock were there, I was disappointed with the interaction between the main characters. It was humorous at times but the chemistry was lacking something, I liked them both but there was just something missing. Still a great book, had trouble putting it down.

Jul 22, 2008

Book - Without a Trace

Without A Trace (O'Hurley series, book 4) by Nora Roberts
In a Mexican Cantina, Trace O'Hurley, ISS agent (International Super Spy?), was trying to take a much needed vacation when Gillian Fitzpatrick walked in with an offer he really wanted to turn down. Gillian just wanted her family safe at home but a madman with power and revolution on his mind had taken her brother and neice.

This was an action packed thriller type story and the sexual tension was there under the surface the whole time. At the end, no spoilers here, the last twist to the story had even me gasping out loud with surprise and laughter. The best of the O'Hurley series!

Jul 21, 2008

Book - Target

The Target (FBI Series - book 3) by Catherine Coulter
Federal Judge Ramsey Hunt needed time away, his time in a cabin in the Rockie Mountains was anything but relaxing. After finding a little girl in the woods that had obviously been abused, men show up shooting at them and then the childs mom finally shows up accusing him of kidnapping. Molly Santera had been all over Colorado looking for her precious Emma and after finding her safe with Judge Hunt, the nightmares begin.

This was not much in the way of a romance, it was very easy to fall for the little girl who had been through so much. The action of the book was spaced out, nothing real exciting, just a basic crime thriller. A few unexpected twists in the plot, but mostly very predictale. Happy ending, I would be interested in seeing the Judge in a later book. Overall just a basic read to get your mind of normal everyday boredom, and make yourself feel lucky you don't have a 'godfather' in the family.

Jul 19, 2008

Book - The Maze

The Maze (FBI Series - book 2) by Catherine Coulter
Lacey Sherlock may have just finished training to be part of the FBI but she has been on this case every since her sister was murdered 7 years ago. Unknowingly, Dillon Savich played right in to her plans to track down this killer. After seeing her performance at a training excercise, he gave her a option to join his newly created Criminal Apprehension Unit. He's the boss but she seems to have all the answers.

The love story involved in this one is not as hot as it could have been but the mystery is good. The 'maze' of details that has to be sifted through in order to make certain that they have the correct person for this crime is, at times difficult to follow but in the end, good. Gotta love how Jimmy Maitland , the big boss, closes the case and leaves everyone including me laughing out loud.

Jul 17, 2008

Book - Bones to Ashes

Bones to Ashes: A Novel by Kathy Reichs
Temperance Brennan is a forensic anthropologist working with Canadian police to solve multiple missing persons, several murders that involve more than one mystery. Tempe's sister Harry is involved in the story as well as long lost friends and several different Canadian police departments.

This is the first of Kathy Reichs books that I have read, I have enjoyed 'Bones' on TV and was expecting the same from her books. I did enjoy the story, the mystery, and the character interaction. I found the description of the evidence helpful and interesting, but I had a difficult time with the french and location names. I would have enjoyed it much more if they could have just called it a lake, a river, or a simpler street name instead of putting the very long french names.

Jul 15, 2008

Book - One in a Million

One in a Million by Kimberla Lawson Roby
Kennedi Mason thought she had a good marriage. She was excited to share her wonderful news with her husband Blake. But when Blake arrived home, he had an announcement of his own. His was shocking.

This is a good idea for a story and the ending is shocking and fun. The main character is very naive in a difficult situation, the feelings are real and probably very realistic. However, some of the character dialogue is run together and a little forced, it sometimes just sounds funny for some reason. Overall an ‘OK’ book for a quick and light read.

Jul 12, 2008

Book - Skin Deep

Skin Deep (O'Hurley series, book 3) by Nora Roberts
Chantel O'Hurley knew that being a movie star came with fans, people always watching her and looking at her, but she never expected any of them to go this far. The noramally strong and self reliant Chantel needed help dealing with this one and asked her friend/agent for advise. Quinn Doran, private security specialist didn't like to do the fieldwork himself anymore, he always had employees for the grunt work, but Miss O'Hurley insisted on the best and that is what he was.

A predictable love story between the movie star and the body gaurd. The way that the story is drawn out makes you want to strangle them both from time to time. The end is a bit of a surprise and the climax of the mystery fan is such a small part, it feels like a bit of an afterthought. This was book 3 of the 4 part series. I am very interested in book 4, it should be a bout long missing big brother Trace.

Jul 11, 2008

Young Adult - Eclipse

Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3) by Stephenie Meyer
Bella always finds herself in trouble. Can natural enemies, Edward and Jacob, be able to work together to help keep her safe? The tension between these two is so intense and so solid that Bella feels them pulling her apart, inside her heart she knows what she wants but will she have the strength to do what needs to be done to save them all.

This is one of the longest books I have ever read, in one day. I didn’t think it was possible, but I could not put it down. At times it felt a little wordy, but mostly the descriptions made the book as clear as if I had been there. The picture of the mountains, the clearing, the river and the emotions was so heartfelt, it is easy to see why everyone (well, almost everyone) is in love with Edward. It is also easy to fall for Jacob. I wasn’t as taken with Bella in this book, I felt she was selfish and didn’t really deserve either one. I am still looking forward to the next, and last of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn is only a couple of weeks away.

Jul 11, 2008

Young Adult - New Moon

New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Book 2) by Stephenie Meyer
After suffering through the loss of her true, true love, Bella was finally able to make an attempt at a happy life once she started hanging out with Jacob. For some strange reason he made it not hurt as much, and she finally found a way to connect to Edward if only in her mind. As Bella is, danger magnet, you just have to know that there is more to everything. The feelings she has for Jacob are not and will never be what she feels for Edward, but might it be enough to have a ‘happy’ life even if it is with the Cullens family natural enemy?

I really enjoyed getting to know Jacob and even though most of the story was sad because of Bellas broken heart, the friendship and love that grew was a wonderful thing. Edward is and always will be her love, I just hope that the friendship with Jacob is not over. I really did not like the ending, the argument, and Charlie purple with anger at Bella. After all she had been through, a different way of wrapping up this part of the story would have been nicer. I hated seeing the pain in her once more, and over a motorcycle. I am very eager to read Eclipse to see more of this wonderful story.

Jul 8, 2008

Young Adult - Twilight

Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1) by Stephenie Meyer
Sacrificing her own happiness for her mother, Bella moved to Forks to stay with Charlie, her dad. First day in a new school is hard enough without Edwards gaze. She was fascinated by him immediately, and he was fascinated by her as well. So Edward turns out to be a vampire. That should scare off young Bella, but interestingly enough, it doesn’t.

This book is being sold as a young adult, I enjoyed and I have not fit that category for several years now. The interaction between Bella and Edward is electric, it jumps off the page. The Cullen family and Charlie have there own demons to attend (no pun intended). The relationship of Edward and his family is almost endearing as to there closeness and reliance on each other. I can see why this is a very popular series and am anxious to get started on ‘New Moon’.

Jul 6, 2008

Book - The Cove

The Cove (FBI Series) by Catherine Coulter
Sally Brainerd escaped from an asylum just in time to wonder if she was the one that killed her father. FBI Special Agent James Quinlan was sure that if Sally didn't kill her father, she would know who did, so he tracked her down. Both ended up in a little town , The Cove, thats claim to fame was the 'World's Greatest Ice Cream' shop and the nicest picture postcard type town you have ever seen. After meeting and talking to Sally, James wasn't at all convinced she could kill her own father and in the process the sleepy little town of The Cove has 2 murders of their own.

The basic story of James, FBI man, finding then changing his mind about Sally, insane murder suspect, was a great classic romance story. The other plot, the Cove, its beauty, its murders, its missing persons, was a strange twist to a typical story. I felt it could have been two different books.

Jul 5, 2008

Book - Dance to the Piper

Dance To The Piper (O'Hurley series, book 2) by Nora Roberts
Maddy O'Hurley is a star even if she doesn't act like it. Her name is in lights, she draws crowds to all her performances, but she is always open to more. Reed Valentine just might be that more that she is looking for. He is a no nonsense business man who always has a plan and a contract to fulfil. What he doesn't realize is that the best contract may not be as easy as all that.

This is a fun and light hearted story, the personal interaction between Maddy and Reed are laugh out loud funny and so enjoyable. The story line is a predictable one, tender and at times sexy, but I had to keep going because of how much fun Maddy O'Hurley made it for everyone. Overall, an average story told in a playful way, thanks Nora Roberts for bringing some new life to the same old story.

Jul 3, 2008

Book - Darker Than Midnight

Darker Than Midnight (Mordecai Young Series, Book 3)… by Maggie Shayne
Lieutenant Jackson "Jax" has always been self reliant and one tough lady, but in her newest job, she might need more help than she even thinks. "River" Corbett is a decorated ex-cop who happens to be in a mental institution for the murder of his wife, but after a series of events sends him out the door in a dead orderlies uniform, he tries not to need the help of any stranger, little lone a cops. Together they are trying to unravel the events that sent River over the edge.

This being the third book of the Mordecai Young series, it was very enjoyable to start the book knowing most of the charecters. To see the struggles that Dawn has in the realization that some of her fathers "gift" now seemed to be part of her. The relationship of Jax's parents and her are a very good explanation of her personality, the independence, the sassiness of her. Her no holds barred way of looking at life and taking care of things is so much fun to watch. The relationship that builds between River and Jax is one of tension, mistrust and gut intstincts. Very fun interaction between the two of them.

Jun 28, 2008

Book - Colder Than Ice

Colder Than Ice (Mordecai Young Series, Book 2)… by Maggie Shayne
After Beth was relocated, she thought she could take care of herself. Then Joshua and his teenage son Bryan showed up to protect her, even if she didn't know that was why they were there. The story line was a bit predictable but very enjoyable anyways. The wariness Beth shows was a very real feeling to it and the interaction with the teenagers in the story was also realistic. The second in the series, it is always fun to see the return of some of the characteres and several mentions of the rest. I am ready to pick up the 3rd of the series to see how it all, -ends.

Jun 26, 2008