Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Book - Last Honest Woman

The Last Honest Woman (O'Hurley series, book 1)… by Nora Roberts
This is the first book of the The O'Hurleys series, Abby gets to fall in love all over again. In the process of leaving a legacy for her children, having a book written about her late husband seemed the thing to do. After meeting Dylan and seeing how deep he was really going to probe for the answers she didn't want to give she started second guessing that choice. Dylan just wanted answers and knew that the widow was the only source, what he didn't count on was becoming attached to the kids and to their mom.

While most of this romance is predictable, there is a few twists to the story that make it interesting . The family dynamics is fun and very enjoyable. Intersted in starting the next book in the series to find out which sister gets to find love next.

Jun 20, 2008

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